WTF archive Crazy and random hair and hairstyles

This is the WTF archive people!

WTF ARCHIVE – Crazy hairstyles and general WTF hair

Black man with cap made of his own afro hair

African American man with a cap made of afro textured hair


Man with sunglasses hairstyle for the LOLz

Man with his hair trimmed to make a sunglasses LOL hairstyle

A dude with a hilariously long Mohawk hairstyle

A super long crazy Mohawk hairstyle

A man with a hairstyle that will make you think twice if you want to mess around with him

A black man with a crwzy hairstyle made of his hair into braids and covering his forehead

Afro textured tarantula hairstyle

A person with a crazy hairstyle made of kinky afro long hair

The original Liberty statue spikes hairstyle

A person with the hair forming a Liberty statue hairstyle

Skrillex’s hair: is Skrillex a woman or a man?

Skrillex posing for a picture with his long hair hairstyle


A woman with her hair in a pig head hairstyle (is this real life)

A woman with a hairstyle made of her hair resembling a pig head

The cousin of It with equally long hair

Picture of the cousin of movie character It with very long hair and sunglasses

Just put this man with his bleached spiky hair out of his misery

A man with spiky blonde and bleached hair and beard also with spiky shapes

Not even dogs like the hairstyles seen in here

A LOL dog rejecting the hairstyles seen in this page

More crazy WTF hairstyles coming soon! Send us your crazy hair or hairstyles too and we’ll feature it.

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